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Spectators WILL NOT be permitted to attend the 2021 Eventsigns Woodpecker Stages Rally.


The organisers of the 2021 Eventsigns Woodpecker Stages are delighted that we have received a full entry of over 120 cars for the event on 4th September 2021.


Trying to organise any event during the pandemic has been extremally challenging and as organisers we have been forced to make many changes from our usual and popular format in order to be able to host a rally at all this year. Due to the current situation, we been forced to relocate the event entirely into the Radnor forest complex and we are indebted to Natural Resources Wales and Rally4Wales for their help in ensuring the rally can go ahead in these uncertain times.


However, this format poses additional challenges and quite simply put, we need to adhere to the requests of landowners, authorities and governments to even be able to hold the event for our competitors. The landowners are requesting a strictly controlled event behind closed doors and as we are simply `tenants` for a day - we have no option but to not allow spectators in 2021.


It’s no spectators or no rally.


As an event that has always looked to provide excellent spectator viewing and access in a variety of locations, we are as disappointed as you are, but we would ask that for this one year, you abide by the landowners request and watch the rally from home. We are providing extensive live stream coverage on social media during the day and whilst we appreciate this does not replace being there in person, we hope you can still enjoy the rally from the comfort of your sofa.


Please do not travel to the event – this will put the running of the rally at risk.


We look forward to welcoming you back to a more traditional Woodpecker Rally in 2022.


Please listen to the marshals they are there for your safety and want to ensure that we run the safest rally possible. if they ask you to move or inform you that you are standing in an unsafe place please follow their instructions.

Spectators who are asked to move but refuse to do so are putting their own safety and that of others at risk. Where this happens the rally marshal has authority to notify the stage commander, who will take appropriate action, which may include stopping the stage or the stage being cancelled.

Rally cars can do the unexpected so, for your own safety and that of others, please:

  • Always keep your own safety in mind

  • Follow marshals’ instructions

  • Observe and obey all event signs

  • Stay within the official spectator areas

  • Do not enter any prohibited areas

  • Keep off the road

  • Expect the unexpected

  • Cars may throw up stones

  • Cars may overshoot junctions

  • Cars may leave the road

  • Cars may run wide on corners

  • Cars may cut corners


Scrutineering & Documentation

Cars begin to assemble at Ludlow Racecourse for pre-event technical checks and competitors complete documentation throughout the day.
Where: Ludlow Racecourse
Access: Free of charge